SlideCEO is a leading PowerPoint design company offering Professional PowerPoint Slides to clients all across the world. Our capability to create mind blowing slides continues to evolve and with that consideration in mind, we are excited about our new website that was launched few months before and aims to showcase the website new features in a much lighter & comprehensive way to the clients.

For months now, team at SlideCEO has been engaged in delivering phenomenal designs in the form of PowerPoint Slides. From company presentation to sales pitches, our team has designed thousands of PowerPoint Slides which are available in the site and continue to do so for making few thousand unique slides available in the site in the coming few months. Previously, SlideCEO website was designed to primarily to provide downloads of slide packs similar to other platforms in the market. But over the months, needs of the client looking for unique individual slides instead of packs was felt. As the requirement for more unique and creative slides have grown up, a need was felt to have a new website that provides additional features and a platform with an enhanced design & interface to fully embrace the opportunities that come from the client, yet it has the same simplicity and delight, SlideCEO has always been known for.

Here is a glimpse at some of the major changes that had taken place in the new website

1. Better User Interface for the clients to effortlessly search and browse through the products

2. Free Slides Page offering fabulous PowerPoint Slides completely free.

3. SlideCEO Annual Subscription offering unlimited downloads of slides for just $49.

4. A systematic approach to branding in our Slides to provide uniqueness & Professionalism

5. Single Slide Products in place of Slide Packs providing better flexibility for the clients and browse and select the exact slides they are looking for.

With the exciting new features in the site, we are hopeful to cater to the wide varying needs of the clients and aspiring for achieving best standards in the industry.