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In the last post we saw, how the idea to form SlideCEO made its root deep into our hearts. The energy to form a unique design platform with pre-designed templates was flying high then and circumstances favoured it to an extent. If you have missed out that part

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Ideas are great and enjoyable till such time they remain as one, the real difficulty comes uninvited only when it needs to be materialized. Already enough in the bag with whooping presentation requirements from clients and limited resources, creating templates was itself a great challenge, in addition to other things like website creation, marketing & search engine optimizaton. Overcoming the initial challenges was an uphill task that was eventually successfully accomplished.

Lot of thoughts have gone into what kind of templates should be housed, the colour theme, categories & ofcourse the pricing. After lot of brainstorming, an idea that all the templates that go into the site, initially atleast, should be of green theme with either dark or light background was finalized. There used to be lot of difference of opinion that why only green theme and why not other colours, with some members suggesting that templates of all the colour theme should be housed, giving a choice for the clients to go for templates matching his/her requirements.

There were couple of reasons as to why we chose to have slides of only a single colour theme. We believed that, to stand out from the crowd, we need something that makes us unique and we thought that designing all the templates with the same colour theme will give a sort of uniformity and also uniqueness which would help us look that we are not doing the same thing other people tend to do and that we are not the usual give-a-try-get-a-penny type.

The second reason, honestly, is that we thought bringing in all colour theme will add to a chaotic atmosphere, we need to hold the fist before striking, we ought to keep it simple till we come to a stability.

Why Only a green theme? To many people’s surprise, there is a specific angle to it.

To be continued….

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