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As a leading PowerPoint Template design platform, SlideCEO has enabled huge number of Presenters such as businessmen, sales executives, marketing gurus, students, academicians and many more to create easy yet visually top-class presentations.

In the past one year of our journey, we have brought a wide range of offerings from time to time to suit the needs of the market. Today, when one needs to create a PowerPoint Presentation; they know that it is just a few clicks away with SlideCEO. As we expand our footprint to bring in more & more templates to meet all kinds of needs of the customer, we also would not forget our designers who have been instrumental in designing the best templates that today we proudly offer in our site.

It all started on a day when our team at Visualspiders were intensely looking out for growing opportunities in the field of Presentation. Already, being a leading Presentation design firm, our designers have been known for creativity, innovation & perfection in the market and the team has enjoyed the goodwill & confidence of some of the leading clients.

Having experience of more than 15 years in the field, our team had already designed presentations to large number of clients of various profiles. As a presentation design team, we have come across requirement for PowerPoint Templates from various clients and we ourselves were in need of PowerPoint templates at lot of instances.

To our surprise, we found that most of the sites that come up in search page either turned out to be no more than a mere collection of very basic templates or sites with huge promises but very few promising templates.Very few sites which had genuinely well created presentations turned out to be much costlier even to us, not to say about the individuals. Suddenly, new opportunity opened up to us, with everyone in the team unanimously agreeing to creating a firm which dedicatedly creates Professional PowerPoint Templates.

There was one thing that vibrated unanimously in our team that we have always thought of doing something we are passionate about, something we love to do. Each member of our team had worked in different arenas and only thing that connected all of us is the urge to build something bigger that gives us the financial and creative freedom.


We were quick to realize that Working just for survival is a very gross way of living which has never brought even a drop of fulfillment to our lives though it has given a materialistically comfortable living. Years of working like a machine made us understand that Joy, happiness & fulfillment becomes a reality every moment of life only when you do something you love & yearn for.

The peak of such intense longing is the birth of SLIDECEO.

Rest of the journey to continue in Part II

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