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As a leading PowerPoint Template deisgn platform, SlideCEO houses a number of Professional PowerPoint Templates and brings a wide range of offerings from time to time to suit the needs of the market. Today, when one needs to create a PowerPoint Presentation; they know that it is just a few clicks away with SlideCEO and is becoming a hugely sought out platform among the clients.

As we expand our footprint to bring in more & more templates to meet all kinds of needs of the customer, we would like to take a recap into the support we have had from media in our journey.
SlideCEO has been featured in number of news articles, guest blogs & press releases. Some of them that cherishes

Digital Journal

Digital Journal has quoted

“Business leaders who struggle with PowerPoint Presentations are now turning to SlideCEO. The company provides a simplified way of creating presentations. SlideCEO currently have a few hundred slides and templates available, but by the end of the year they plan to have more than 1000, making them the company to turn to for all business leaders”.

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Another media article said

“One of the main strength of SlideCEO is the pricing of templates. Slides are sold relatively at high discounted prices compared to other competitor sites. A news article quoted that “….There are very few sites that fall in third category which is the group that has good, unique & visually stunning slides with very competitive & affordable price. So, coming back to the question – Why is SlideCEO an Interesting find? Yes, obviously, it falls in third category.”



Before it news brought out that

“SlideCEO is an innovative & inventive market place started by the founders of for downloading Professional PowerPoint Templates, transforming the way presentations are created. SlideCEO offers Pre-designed PowerPoint Slides of wide range of categories including business templates, marketing, sales, diagrams, maps, process, analysis, shapes, management concepts and much more. Marketers and sales people are already singing the praises of the new platform as it saves both time and money. They can simply download the slides and put them to use.”


Our team sincerely thank all the people who have offered their support and its because of them what we are today.

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