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Everybody loves to laugh, and laughter is an excellent way to release stress. So, if you have a fairly intense topic for your speech, or just enjoy making others chuckle, then think about including humor in your presentation. Humor can grab your listeners, and hook them into the content of your presentation. Not only is it great for generating interest in your topic, but it also creates an emotional connection to the ideas you are trying to emphasize, and there is nothing better than creating a good feeling and relating it to your presentation’s theme.

Listeners need some release point when you present, or you risk turning them out. They might keep pretending like they are listening out of respect, but they won’t digest your message effectively unless you give them access to that release point. And, the last thing you want is for your listeners to check out on you.

One of the best times to move into an intense or serious point in your presentation is right after you make your audience laugh. It’s a technique that script writers often use. If you can make them laugh, then move into something that is very important to the presentation, you generate the necessary interest and connection for your audience to understand, remember, and connect with some of the most important ideas within your presentation. This approach ensures they will understand and digest what is most important about your presentation relatively effectively.

So how can you get humor into your presentation more effectively? Consider some of these points when asking you that question about your speech:

1. Use your personal life.
Telling a funny, personal story makes you relatable and helps develop a strong connection with the audience. Being able to laugh at yourself also makes you am an empathetic presenter, and people always love a good, funny story. To help you think of these ideas for your presentation, brainstorm a list of “My most embarrassing life moments” and you should get a list of some good content.

2. Keep track of content that works.
If you’ve used a joke and it’s successful, keep track of the content. You can make a list or save a word document of some jokes that work, and even work ahead as you brainstorm so you can refer to your list when you need to make new ones.

3. Stories need to link up to a point to make sense in the presentation.
So don’t forget that fact while you brainstorm; make your points and your humor align, and you’ll pack a great one-two punch in your presentation.

4. Practice, practice, practice.
There is never enough emphasis on how important practicing your speech is before you present, especially if you are new to including humor. So focus on getting some time into practice in front of somebody, or even the mirror.

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