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Today, when PowerPoint Presentation Templates are being heavily sought by marketers & sales person for their presentations, we thought it will be prudent to talk about the key ingredients or limbs of PowerPoint templates.

We need to understand that creating a Template is not an easy task because it is extremely difficult to conceptualize & design a PowerPoint slide without the content. Designers conceptualize the flow of the content based on a chosen topic and come out with templates. This is where a great designer is differentiated from just a good designer.

Five limbs of PowerPoint Presentation

1. Content :

Content is the first limb, While, we create PowerPoint Templates with dummy content, we will not talk much about content as such.

2. Colour theme:

Colour theme plays a very crucial part. Without looking at the content, just by having a glimpse of the colour theme, one can grasp the mood of the presentation. Certain colours are best suitable for corporate theme; certain colours are good for educational theme while certain others are good for different areas such as real estate, political etc.

For example, dark green theme looks great for corporate look & feel, light green with blue combination works well for health care industry. In slideCEO, all the slides are created with dark elegant green colour theme. This is so because most of the slides are developed for marketers, sales, consultants etc. So, it was felt that green would be more inclusive and all-encompassing colour to go with.


3. Images:

Images is one of the most important ingredient of PowerPoint Presentation. There is a saying that ” one image can speak thousand words”. Would you believe that Image selling sites are making killer income just by selling the license for using the images in the presentations? Images have long become a part of PowerPoint presentation. Just as the content, images are now a part of presentation and are irremovable.

Look at the below Slide. Points are given on left part of the slide while the background image brings the visual appeal.


4. Shapes

Use of shapes appropriately in a presentation not only enhances the visual appeal of the presentation but also helps to convey the message in a much better way. Some of the interesting shapes used in SlideCEO


5. Layout :

Traditionally, 4:3 Layouts have been used for all PowerPoint Presentations. Infact before PowerPoint 2013, 4:3 was the default layout in all PowerPoint versions. PowerPoint 2013 and later versions default to the 16:9 aspect ratio to encourage presenters to present with this format. This is precisely because the entire display medium such as modern projector screens, computers & televisions has a 16:9 display layout.

Not just these two layouts, there are lot of options available in PowerPoint and one can choose the layout depending on the requirement, kind of display medium available etc. All PowerPoint Presentation Templates in SlideCEO are designed in 16:9 ratio. This layout is mobile compatible.

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As said earlier, designing a PowerPoint Presentation template is not an easy task. A Good PowerPoint Presentation designer would take care of all the ingredients as discussed above, however, it is not to be forgotten that finally the creativity that the presentation exudes is most important than anything else. Its just like we can read and know the ingredients required for making a delicious dish but the ingredients alone will not make the dish delicious, it’s something similar to that.

See you again with an another article.


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