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Who are we?

We are team of entrepreneurs with 8+ years of experience in presentation designing. We took entrepreneurship and decided to dedicate ourselves to something we are passionate and deeply interested in, not just doing work for survival. We realized that, working just for survival is a very gross way of living; it has never brought even a drop of fulfillment to our life though it has given a materialistically comfortable living. We understood that working five days a week and living remaining two days is just not the way of living, life has to be lived all seven days. Only possible when the work you do is your passion, that’s when work itself becomes a way to live. We realized doing that we love; doing that we are good at, doing that we are passionate about, doing that that fills each cells of our life with joy, happiness and sense of fulfillment is what we should do. The height of such an intense longing is the birth of SlideCEO – Hub for downloading PowerPoint Presentation Templates.

What do we do?

In a world, where every meeting, seminar and business gathering is ruled by creative and innovative presentations by management gurus and top business leaders, developing Professional PowerPoint Presentation templates which are unique, appealing & still cost effective is a great challenge for experts. A huge task for the business leader is not only giving a presentation but to actually keep the audience one pointed and unwaveringly attentive which is where a presentation expert has a greater role to play. A good presentation can only support the presenter’s message but a great presentation can present the message itself. A remarkable presentation is not just a presentation, it is a message, it is business, and it is money. This realization has already come in the market. While the demand for feel enhancing slides is higher, the supply market has not found its full bloom yet. SLIDECEO is a place for world’s finest & unique PowerPoint Presentation Templates meeting customer requirement & expectations at the most affordable price.